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Application Management as Part of Enterprise Management

Enterprise Hardware Experiences Shifts in Providers

As the market doesn't seem primed for any big upsets in activity any time soon, enterprise server vendors have held on to their dominance in from previous years. But while Cisco may dominate the market, providing enterprise hardware to nearly one-third of the market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell have shown some growth in their market share, threatening Cisco's dominance. These ...
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Helpful Enterprise Architecture Videos for Beginners

  The following videos share detailed information about the EA terminology and systems and offer guidelines on how to prepare a project. ...
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What is driving digital transformation?

  You could say that digital transformation is the planned system for using digital media and technology to maximum effectiveness in improving business processes in digital marketing. Technical changes Digital transformation refers to technology. Many people would perceive keeping abreast of the latest advances as digital transformation. It used to be accepted that as technology moves forward, companies must keep up or fall ...
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Is Enterprise Architecture Dead?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is far from completely broken, and is expanding its influence. Major corporations, business planning, IT service providers,  and industry thought leaders continually assess the status and effectiveness of EA in adapting to changes in the business and technology landscape. The Open Group, Gartner, and Oracle are three major players with analysis and recommendations on how to expand ...
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What is TOGAF?

Large businesses and corporations depend on a sturdy technical framework to run their businesses successfully. Enterprise architecture comprises all the tasks and operations that create a smooth operation from product distribution and creation to secure storage and accessibility of vital company information. Essentially the open group architecture framework is like a map of all the interrelated systems that comprise an ...
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