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Application Management as Part of Enterprise Management

How to Bring Enterprise Architecture Out of the dark side?

Enterprise architecture practices have been viewed as an "IT thing" banished by the rest of the company to the IT silo. EA won't work in our digital age! But enterprise architecture is valuable to business solutions. 1. Set up a company-wide transition team. It's better for the company to establish a planning team with cross-functional capability to manage resources as than not ...
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Finally, an animated video explaining Enterprise Architecture

Is enterprise architecture still confusing? Are you having difficulty understanding the definition? This video will help you visualize the concept behind enterprise architecture (EA). Enjoy! Credits: Sivan Bender ...
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Cisco’s Enterprise Architecture Model

Cisco's Enterprise Architecture, abbreviated as EA, was developed in order to accommodate for the ever increasing complexity of network design. By taking a modular approach to design, Cisco's EA model is able to provide the benefits of a hierarchical network design on the campus infrastructure, and facilitates the design of larger, more complex networks. The EA model separates the enterprise networks ...
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Enterprise Hardware Experiences Shifts in Providers

As the market doesn't seem primed for any big upsets in activity any time soon, enterprise server vendors have held on to their dominance in from previous years. But while Cisco may dominate the market, providing enterprise hardware to nearly one-third of the market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell have shown some growth in their market share, threatening Cisco's dominance. These ...
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Helpful Enterprise Architecture Videos for Beginners

  The following videos share detailed information about the EA terminology and systems and offer guidelines on how to prepare a project. ...
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